Sunday, October 2, 2011

Snuggle in!

Last night's post was a long one, so tonight I'll keep it brief, and pose the questions:
What's your favorite place to read? and...
Do you have any reading companions?

I have a few favorite places to read, most of which are weather-dependent.

1. Snuggled into the crook of my couch with a lap blanket, when no one else is home. Bonus points if either the sun is pouring in through the window, or it's raining outside.
2. At the beach house we rent every summer, when it's too hot even to sit by the shore, and I submerge myself in the pool up to my chest, with my arms resting on the ledge and the book extended above me to provide shade.
3. In bed before going to sleep. Not because it's particularly indulgent, but because I do it every night. I'm sure that qualifies it as a favorite.

I would love to have my own reading room, in a home library, with dim light and built-in mahogany shelves climbing to the ceilings, filled with books, books, and more books. I'd have an antique chair with a matching ottoman, and a green-glass reading lamp at my elbow. Should I have a smoking jacket too, or would that be too much?

I also have favorite places to write. I frequently work from my desk. But I also like going down to our basement and writing from the sofa with my feet propped up on the coffee table and my Macbook on my lap. Sometimes when I'm down there, I get visited by my writing partner:

This is my little buddy, Miles. He's usually a very laid-back cat, and comes in for a snuggle only rarely. But whenever I'm writing for more than a few minutes, he invariably pays me a visit. Purring like a madman, he'll try to position himself between me and the computer screen. When I move him out of the way, he wedges himself into the crook of my elbow so I can type over his head. He'll stay there for the entire length of time that I'm writing. I'll have to dedicate my first novel to him for being such a faithful writing companion.

I'm wondering if other people out there have favorite reading places and/or animal partners. Does your schnauzer sit at your feet? Is your favorite easy chair next to a fish tank? Or do you like to read outside while listening to the birds?


  1. Currently I love reading on the morning train, which is similar to your reading in bed every night--it must be a favorite, because it's a new daily habit of mine.

    Gotta love reading in an oversized smushy chair by a roaring fire, and also laying on a chair on the beach under an umbrella....

  2. The corner of the couch with a blanket and something hot to drink, like coffee or tea.

    In a comfy chair at a coffee shop(yes, again, with coffee!)

    Sitting by the pool or on the beach.

    In a bubbly bathtub- candles optional :)

    Also, on the couch with my girls in my lap, when I am reading to them which is very often!

    (interesting to note as I look back at this list-I like reading best where it is quiet, calm, and NO TV is on!)