Monday, August 27, 2012

A Change of Sowul

Tomorrow, August 28th, is the 1-year anniversary of Words from the Sowul! I can't believe I've made it this far!

As the anniversary approached, I started to think about what this blog has meant to me, and what I've learned from it over the past year. I'm pleased with what it's given me. I've relished the opportunity to share my thoughts on books and reading, topics that I'm passionate and opinionated about. I've appreciated the recommendations from people who read the blog, and the new connections I've made with friends, family and strangers. Most importantly, I've re-learned a lesson I've known for years: writing about something clarifies it for me in a way that no other form of expression can. Putting thoughts and opinions into words, especially when those words are going to be shared with others, heightens and deepens those thoughts and opinions. Truly, they become words from the so(w)ul. You may think that process comes easy to me, but it does not. I am not someone who is easily in touch with her emotions. It takes excavation, and that's what writing does for me.

So while I hope this blog has been enjoyable for you- and I am grateful that many people, even across the globe, have found it to be- know that it has meant more to me than it could mean to anyone else.

This anniversary comes at an opportune time for two reasons. First, I may be taking a bit of a break, or at least posting less frequently, over the coming weeks. Today is my son's due date, and while he hasn't shown any sign of wanting to make an appearance yet, at some point very soon my family and I will be starting a whole new chapter in our lives (excuse the pun). I am committed to continue writing, no matter what, throughout the craziness that is to come, because I know it is vital to keeping my own sanity and helping me stay in touch with my emotions. But I also know I'll have more limited time, and I have to prioritize.

After my post a few weeks ago, A Fork in the Writing Road, I made the decision to take a second look at the novel I'd started last summer and fall. As I started re-editing the first 70 pages, I realized how much progress I'd made, and how badly I wanted to finish it. I've been working on it steadily ever since, and I'm determined to continue, even if I have to type with one hand on the keyboard and the other rocking the cradle. So when I have time to write, it will be primarily devoted to the novel. That's not to say I'm going to disappear from the blog, though. As I said above, this experience has been too valuable to let go.

The second reason this anniversary is opportune is that it gives me the chance to make some changes. I've been sticking pretty faithfully to the books and reading theme. There have been many book reviews, some general author reviews, discussions about types and styles of literature, and posts about everything from browsing the library to guilty pleasure reading. I've tried to mix things up and keep my approaches fresh, and I'm generally pleased with the results. But I've started to run out of fodder, as I suppose is inevitable. So I think it's time I expanded the blog's parameters.

Here are some topics I'm interested in blogging about:

- Adjusting as an independent-minded woman to a child-centered world
- Staying positive in the face of negative pressure from the outside world, particularly about parenting. I think our society is extremely judgmental about parenting.
- Keeping gratitude at the center of my life
- Music and education
- Other things I love and have certain tastes about: exercising and health, television, fashion, decorating, baking, makeup, household organization, travel

And of course, I'll still write about books and reading, because I'm still passionate about them.

I hope you're all as excited as I am about this new chapter. Stay tuned for the changes to come, and of course for news of the baby's arrival!

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