Saturday, April 20, 2013

Knowing Your Characters, Knowing Yourself

Sometimes I find it interesting to apply writing advice to real life. Here's a meaningful one:

Get to know your characters before you write. The story will write itself because the characters will tell you what they want to do.

Isn't that a great metaphor for real life? If you get to know yourself well, your life will be easier. You'll be more comfortable making choices and feeling good about the outcomes, because you'll know they're the right choices for you. You'll have confidence in your path because you'll know what your dreams and ambitions are. You'll have stronger relationships with others because you'll present a clear picture of yourself. Even if and when life hands you difficult situations, you'll know how to handle them in your own way.

This advice has worked for me, both as a writer and in real life. My stories always flow much better when I know my characters; they really do tell me what they want to do. And my life got much better once I understood my own personality, strengths and weaknesses, and dreams. It took most of my twenties to get to that point, but I feel good about myself now and I know where I want to go in life.

Spend some quality time with yourself today, and see what you learn!

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