Thursday, November 29, 2012


More places should have drive-throughs, specifically for parents with infants. I appreciate that I can do my banking, get my coffee, and pick up my prescriptions without getting Edwin out of his car seat. But that's not enough. We need drive-through grocery stores, libraries and department stores. Wouldn't it be great to pull up to a Target and order a high chair to go? Or request a library book through an open window? Or best of all, drive by a Hannaford and pick up cold cuts and milk?

Moreover, all the drive-throughs should have roundabouts attached. That way, while you wait for your food/prescription/bank slip, you can drive around in circles so the baby doesn't wake up just because the car has stopped. (Parents, you know what I'm talking about. Green lights = continued peace and quiet. Red lights = holding your breath, waiting for the crying to start.)

Or walk-throughs would be fine, too, with stroller privileges.

Of course, we're really quite blessed by the internet. Online shopping means I rarely NEED to leave the house for errands. I can get groceries delivered to my door, and Amazon provides nearly everything else (getting the Prime membership for free shipping was the smartest thing I did to prepare for the baby's arrival). I can't have library books delivered, but I can pay for Kindle downloads. How did our parents' generation do it? 

Just because I don't need to go out for errands, though, doesn't mean I don't want to. And for those times, I'd love more drive-throughs. I didn't appreciate them enough before having the baby. Before that, I could just as easily decide to walk into the store if the line was long. Now that involves much more hassle, and when the baby was less than 2 months old, there was no choice at all, as our doctor didn't want him out in public until his first round of vaccines was through.

At least I can always go to Starbucks.

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